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How to Style your Mantle for Spring

Posted by Laurie Kaeppel on

Spring is one of my favorite seasons and I love being able to showcase the focal point of my living room, the fireplace. I try to change it for the holidays and the seasons. I am addicted to color and mixing new decor items with vintage,this is Jade Interiors signature style. Below is the finished product. In this blog I will walk you through how to create a beautiful Spring mantle. So let's get STARTED!!


It helps if you have a theme in mind, such as a certain color(s),holiday, season, or in this case the theme is EVERY BUNNIES WELCOME!. I designed the mantle with this saying in mind and have placed all types of bunnies with varying colors, shapes, textures, and ages to bring visual interest to the display. I also like to repurpose everyday items or decor items that I have used for other holidays. In the picture below I start with various rabbits and some old tissue paper, I am using the paper as a base to build upon. 

Next I like to add depth and texture by using decor items of varying heights, colors, and textures.

It is important to balance your display, in the above picture I have a large riser to display this whimsical bunny on, in the picture below I have an Easter egg tree of similar height. This gives a balanced look to the display but at the same time it is asymmetrical in that the end items are of varying shapes, colors, and textures. 

Next I like to find my focal point, in this case it is the center of the mantle. This is where I like to add the most drama, leading the viewers eye to gaze upon the beautiful colors, I also add drama by adding floating decor, here that is represented by large oversized eggs hung from the center point of the mantle. 

Now that we have built our base, added height, depth, texture, and determined our focal point we can start adding in our greenery, flowers, lighted decor, and a bit of whimsy. 

Now we are on a roll, keep layering the greens, flowers, pip berries,your favorite Spring picks, throw in some faux Easter grass and now add the sweet details. Check out the picture below for some INSPIRATION!

Now that we have finished our mantle display we can't forget about the wall space above the mantle. I have two different looks featured, you decide which look you prefer. Look one has a cute wooden cut out which I drew upon to build the theme, Every Bunnies Welcome. 

In style two, a lighted vintage inspired canvas print is featured, I love this look because at night the lights from the vintage car flicker softly over our bunny inspired decor. 

Well, there you have it, a step by step guide to building a beautiful Spring mantle display. If you are anything like me, I can't get enough of colorful pictures that make me happy, so here are a few more to leave you THINKING SPRING! Thanks for hopping by. ( Sorry couldn't help myself.)


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