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Guest Blog by Wendy Dessler of Honeyfund: Trendy Vintage Weddings on a Budget

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Trendy Vintage Weddings On Budget

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Your wedding is the one event that is all about you. How you prepare your wedding puts your values, tastes, and desires in the spotlight. This dynamic is what brought the vintage wedding to center stage.

A vintage wedding can literally be anything you want it to be. You can go soft and romantic. You can go rustic and chic. It can be low-keyed or a major event. The beauty of the vintage wedding is whatever your style and whatever your budget, it is possible.

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The Average Costs Of A Wedding

According to wedding experts, The Knot, the average costs for a wedding is over $37,000 dollars. For many people that dollar amount is simply out of reach. Unlike the brides from yesteryear, most brides are getting married in their mid-twenties. They have already moved from their parents home and they may even be living with their future spouse. This usually means they will be paying for their wedding at least in part, themselves.

Every bride wants her dream wedding. Instead of sacrificing their wedding due to financial restrictions, they are looking for ways to have a romantic and beautiful wedding on a budget. This will allow them to fall far beneath the average cost and still have their special day.

How to lower the costs

Here are a few ideas to help you reach your wedding goal:

  • Look for a cost-effective venue
    • Instead of looking to the high-end churches, hotels, and country club, look to the local parks with ponds, gazebos. Consider going shabby chic with a barn wedding.
  • Rent instead of buying
    • It is possible to search the flea markets, and secondhand stores and gather what you need. But, it is time-consuming and at the end of the day, you have a trunk full of items that you have no use for. Instead, rent your decor. From dishes to candles, and garland, You can rent the items you need and return them after the wedding. This allows you a large selection of collections and you do not have to worry about items not matching or being poor quality.
  • Set up a Plumfund account
    • This should be the first thing you do after you say “Yes”. Plumfund is a free wedding registry site. You can set up your registry and advertise it on your wedding social media. Let your family and friends contribute to the items on your list in lieu of wedding and shower gifts.
  • Network with your friends
    • Make a list of the services you will need and start asking your friends who they know. Maybe your maid of honor has a cousin that does catering. Maybe your best man has a brother that DJ’s at the club on weekends. Publish your list on social media and send a shout out for help.
  • Lowering the cost of food
    • Sometimes we simply do not think about what we are doing. A caterer is going to suggest their most expensive dishes. But, if you can serve pasta or chicken instead of filet mignon, you could possibly pay your photographer with the money you save.
  • Barter
    • What can you offer in exchange for service? One bride was a website designer. She noticed a local photographer had a good reputation but a drab website. She bartered with him. She would redesign his website in exchange for her wedding pictures. She got it in writing and she released the website to go live at the time when she picked up her photographs.

You do not have to give up your dreams due to money. You simply have to get creative and set priorities. You really can have it all for much less with a little effort and a little help from your friends.  

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