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Jade Interior Shop Favorites

Posted by Laurie Kaeppel on

   So many of our shops favorite decor items will be  featured on our website. It was a sad day when we closed the shop, we meet so many wonderful people that love HOME as much as we do. Jade Interiors motto is..Making Memories of Home. We have decided to offer our favorite home decor to the public again. These items will be available through our Facebook page and our website under the collection- Jade Interiors Decor Scores. These items can be shipped to your home or if you are local they can be picked up to save on shipping cost. 

   Valentines Day brings out the romantic side of Jade Interiors, we have so many beautiful items to make your home feel warm and inviting. These items are staples of our style and transform with our themes. They can take center stage in your home when decorating for the holidays, a special event, or just to add a special touch to your home. Featured in the pictures below-our pip berry garlands and our damask flickering flameless candles, so versatile!

Check out the link above to see are current decor scores.


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